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Learn how to block fortniteFortnite is literally taking over the world. That’s not an exaggeration – okay maybe a little one – but if you’ve found your way over to this article then we’re more than sure that you know exactly what we’re talking about. You may even want to learn how to block fortnite.

With everyone and their aunt playing the ‘free to download’ online shooter, it can almost seem a little cruel to stop your kids from playing and limiting game time with Fortnite parental controls. But as we all know, breaks from the screen and engaging in real-world activities are undeniably beneficial – for children especially.

So how can we limit our kids Fortnite playtime? Are there are any Fortnite parental controls? Don’t worry, we’ve got your answers and more:

Playtime limiting strategies

The simplest way to limit Fortnite playtime is by implemented simple, but effective strategies to keep your kids engaged in real-world activities. With attention spans getting shorter every single day with endless entertainment literally in your pocket – it can be hard to pry eyes from the screen. So here are 3 strategies for limiting playtime:

1. Put playtime on a timer

Limiting your kids playtime to a set number of hours/minutes a night is a method adopted by many, letting them play for a dedicated time per night. Our recommended maximum is for 2 hours at the most, that way it feels fair to the kids – it is their hobby after all. Setup a timer for your chosen amount of time, when it goes off – Fortnite goes off – simple as that.

2. Have set off days

Just like with working out, it’s imperative to have off days from anything strenuous – that includes strain on the eyes. Having set off days where Fortnite doesn’t go on is a great way to limit playtime meaning that kids will be out of the screen and into your home. Although we’re not responsible for the chaos that they’ll cause – sorry!

3. Come up with alternative, fun and interesting activities

If you’re limiting playtime or having dedicated off days, you’ll want something to keep your kids engaged. When you’re at an age where you need to be occupied with something all of the time, it can be difficult to enjoy the simpler things in life.

How many kids do you see enjoying Stranger Things with a bottle of beer and a packet of nuts – it’s not happening. Coming up with fun and interesting group activities will let them forget all about the game and you’ll have plenty of memories from the activities that you plan.

Find out about parental controls with Circle (Setup Included)

Are there any Fortnite parental controls?How to Block Fortnite with Disney Circle


As it stands currently there aren’t any Fortnite parental controls available in the game. However, with the release of Disney’s Circle – a 3-inch white cube that you can use to control your home’s wi-fi – there are options available. Circle lets you filter content, add time restrictions and see activity reports for the day to see what your kids have been up to.

How to block Fortnite?

Circle allows you to control when the internet is available to your kids by allowing pause times. That means that you’ll be getting back your family dinners distraction-free and with the click of a button, the wi-fi’s back – as if by magic. You can check out Circle here to get the full information of how it works and whether it’s a good fit for you – all that we can say is that it’s a very clever piece of tech that we’re surprised hasn’t been launched sooner!

Get Help with Circle Setup

Starting at $249 (hardware included)

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