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Are you a senior who is looking for something new and exciting to add to your life?  If so, it might be time for you to consider taking the plunge and purchasing a computer!  If you are like many seniors, the thought of purchasing and using a computer may seem a bit overwhelming and frightening.  Or, you might think purchasing a computer is unnecessary.  After all, you have successfully lived all of these years without a computer by your side, so why should you need one now, right?

The reality is that times are changing and, while it may still be possible to “get by” without a computer, the simple truth is that having a computer can make your life for more convenient and fulfilling.  Here’s a look at just a few of the reasons why seniors should own or consider purchasing a computer.

Reason #1:  Conquer a New Frontier

Baby Boomers have long been known for their desire to take on new challenges and their respect for education, so why change now?  If you feel as if the “technology age” has left you behind, there is no better time than now for you to grab hold of it and master it!

Reason #2:  Stay in Touch with Friends and Family

The Internet has made it a cinch to stay in regular contact with friends and family.  You no longer have to wait several days for those pictures of your grandchild to arrive – and, you don’t have to worry about those precious photos getting bent or otherwise damaged along the way!  With the magic of email, chat rooms and various photo-sharing websites, you can see those lovely pictures within minutes after they are taken.

Of course, the Internet allows you to stay in touch with friends and family in other ways.  From social networking sites where you can provide updates on a regular basis to the personal websites of your friends and family that you can easily visit, keeping in touch with your loved ones has never been easier.

Reason #3:  Keep Your Mind Sharp

Everyone knows the importance of staying physically fit while growing older, but what about keeping your mind sharp as well?  With the many different computer programs and games available, you will find plenty of opportunities for keeping your mind active with the help of your computer.  Furthermore, the millions of websites on the Internet allow you to easily stay on top of the latest news and other information that can help you stay sharp and in-tune with the world around you.

Reason #4:  Delve Deeper Into a Hobby

Regardless of your hobby, you are likely to find at least one website dedicated to your passion.  With the help of these websites, you can learn even more about your hobby while possibly getting in touch with others who share your passion as well.  Just imagine finding someone else to talk to about your love for basket weaving, bird whistling, or collecting salt and pepper shakers!

Reason #5:  Hone Your Job Skills

If you are still in the workforce or are simply looking for a way to bring in a little extra income, your new-found computer skills can be the answer.  After you purchase a computer and become comfortable with using it, you will become a more desirable candidate when seeking out new employment opportunities.  Or, you may even be able to use your computer skills to launch a freelance computer-related career from home.

If you don’t already own a computer or you are feeling nervous about learning how to use one, there is no reason to fear.  There are services available that provide computer help to elderly individuals who are interested in becoming more familiar with technology and all that it has to offer.  With this type of computer service, you can get step-by-step assistance with everything from getting your computer started to creating your own personal website. For New Jersey residents interested in obtaining computer help, I specialize specifically in helping seniors become familiar with their computers.  For do-it-yourselfers, the site features an extensive FAQs section that can provide them with assistance.  Or, site visitors can easily contact a professional computer technician through the Contact Me form and even schedule a personal visit to get one-on-one assistance with learning how to use the computer to its fullest potential.

So, what are you waiting for? You can purchase a basic yet high-quality computer for only a few hundred dollars – and you will certainly find the investment to be well-worth it once you start enjoying all of the benefits your computer has to offer! Feel free to contact me for computer purchase recommendation.

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