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PC Computer Tune-Up

Are you the proud owner of a PC?  If so, you might want to seriously consider getting a PC tune-up on a routine basis.  Just as you would take your vehicle into the shop to get a tune-up and to receive routine services, such as an oil change, it is in your best interest to do the same with your PC.

Keep Your PC Looking Great with a PC Tune-Up from Computer Clue

When you hire Computer clue to perform a PC tune-up, you will receive a number of services.  First of all, I will clean up the inside of your computer so that it is dust free.  This is an important step in keeping your computer in good operating order, as dust can cause problems with the PC components and cause it to run less efficiently.  In fact, if dust isn’t removed, your PC may overheat and you may experience other problems, such as drive malfunctioning and chip burnout.

Keep Your PC Running Properly with Computer Clue

In addition to cleaning up the inside of your PC, I will also make sure your PC is running properly when you bring it to me for a tune-up.  This includes updating and caring for the system security and making certain your PC is both virus and spyware free.

Get the Professional PC Tune-Up Services You Deserve from Computer Clue

If it has been more than 12 months since your PC has been looked at by a professional, it is time to schedule a visit for a PC tune.  Contact us today and we will come to your home and take care of everything for you!

Computer Clue offers a complete line of home services ranging from setting up your new system to installing your new software.

Computer Services

With a recent computer problem, I called ComputerClue as there was an advertisement in our community news magazine. Thus I met Tomasz Banas who promptly visited my home and quickly solved my computer problems. He also upgraded and added new features to my computer.

I found Tom to be very knowledgeable and experienced and a pleasure to have as a friend. I will be returning to Tom with all future computer problems and highly recommend his services to my friends and others. You will not be disappointed.

John IngrahamThe Fairways | Lakewood, NJ
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