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Normally, I am not one who likes to brag about myself.  As those who know me the best are well aware, I don’t consider myself to be a computer geek or even the best computer expert in the country. Rather, I think of myself as a regular guy who just happen to know quite a bit about computers and I like to share this information with people who need help with their computers. In fact, in my opinion, I am offering more to my clients by staying small rather than going big.

While it may sound contradictory to say that I am going big by staying small, the reality is that our society has become a little too caught up in the use of technology and the hustle and bustle of every day life. How often do you call a company for customer support, only to be routed through a complicated menu system that never seems to put you in touch with an actual person?

At Computer Clue, I think it is important to maintain the human element. While technology is a very useful tool that can certainly make our lives easier in a number of ways, it can never replace the human factor. So, rather than expanding my business to include dozens of tech representatives all over the state or even the country, I have made a conscious decision to stay small. This way, I can truly get to know and to understand the needs of my customers.

By staying small, I believe I offer a number of benefits to my clients. These include:

  • A personal level of service that allows me to get to truly get to know my clients so I can more effectively meet their unique needs
  • The ability to provide in-house computer services to each of my clients
  • Scheduling flexibility – we only need to find a time that is good for me and for you rather than trying to work around the schedules of a team of employees
  • Lower rates because I do not have all of the overhead that is involved with creating a corporate image and keeping a team of workers on the payroll

In short, I have made a conscious effort to remain a “small guy” because I truly believe it is the best way to provide you with the best New Jersey computer repair service possible. I sincerely hope that this commitment to customer service shines through when you choose me to provide you with computer repair services in New Jersey.

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