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As a parent, you are probably experiencing an ongoing internal debate when it comes to keeping your child protected: to snoop or not to snoop. On one hand, you want to be able to trust your child and to respect his or her privacy. On the other hand, you want to keep your child protected and the best way to do that is to know more about his or her friends and what they are doing.

This age-old debate has been burning in the hearts and minds of parents for many generations, but the technology boom has moved this debate beyond deciding whether or not to read your child’s diary or to monitor his or her phone calls. Thanks to the technology age, there are far more reasons for you to be a bit more concerned about what your child might be doing in his or her spare time. Furthermore, technological advancements have provided parents with far more reason to do a little snooping. In fact, here are 5 reasons why monitoring your child’s computer activity is a good idea.

Reason #1:  Online Predators are a Frightening Reality

Perhaps the most important reason to monitor your child’s computer activities is to keep him or her safe from online predators. Back before the Internet was around, you didn’t have to worry about your child making contact with absolute strangers when he or she wrote in a diary. Thanks to social networking sites, however, it is quite simple for your child to make contact with people all over the world. While there are certainly positive aspects to being able to meet other people online, it also puts your child at risk of connecting with predators who are up to no good. By monitoring your child’s activities and by placing restrictions on certain websites, you can help prevent your child from becoming a victim.

Reason #2:  Online Content Can Questionable

Monitoring your child’s online computer habits is also important because there is a great deal of incorrect or possibly questionable content on the Internet.  While every parent wants his or her children to become educated individuals and to learn more about the world around them, some of the information contained on the Internet may be of a more adult nature or may simply go against the morals you are trying to instill in your child. By monitoring his or her activity, you can make sure your child is not receiving incorrect information or being guided down the wrong path.

Reason #3:  Online Photos Can be Quite Graphic

In addition to containing questionable written content, the Internet is also full of nude and pornographic photos and videos as well as videos and photos that depict graphic violence. Most parents prefer to keep these images away from their children, particularly while they are still young. Yet, these types of pictures and videos are quite commonly found on the Internet.

Reason #4:  Posting Online Photos is Easy

Not only is it easy to find offensive pictures on the Internet, it is also easy for your child to post pictures online. Unfortunately, some kids don’t realize just how serious posting a photo can be, particularly if it is a picture of questionable nature.  These pictures spread easily and quickly around the Internet and can lead to a great deal of embarrassment. Of course, posting pictures also puts your child at an even greater risk of being taken advantage of by a child predator.

Reason #5:  Purchasing Online Items is a Snap

Finally, monitoring your child’s online activity is important because it is quite easy to make purchases online. All your child needs is to get a hold of your credit card and you might suddenly find yourself receiving a number of expensive items you don’t really want to have.

Now that you know why you should monitor your child’s computer activity, visit my blog again as I will write and post new article called  How to Check Your Kids’ Surfing Habits soon.

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